In most cases people presume that intercourse techniques are simply the various poses that one can adopt while having intercourse, but this is only partly true. Right from the first kiss to the last thrust, everything contributes towards this technique. Indeed ignoring foreplay or oral sex will only mean taking away from the pleasures of the act. Keep in mind that though various position can enhance the pleasures of sex tremendously, one must not ignore the other aspects too. To begin with, let us focus on the fingers. Men and women both can use their fingers rather effectively to stimulate their partners. Since it is a known fact that women require more stimulation than men in order to reach a climax, focus on using your fingers to locate the G spot of the lady and stimulate it to get her aroused.

Another great intercourse technique that does not involve penetration is oral sex. Using your mouth to stimulate your partner’s organ has been known to help tremendously in enhancing the pleasures of intercourse. The idea here is mostly to stimulate the sensitive tips of your partner, while applying enough pressure, so as to achieve the desired results. It will help to remember here that maintaining a level of hygiene does come into play for both the parties involved and must be adhered to. Some women prefer to play it safe and demand that their partners use a cover during oral sex too. With the growing problem of AIDS one should consider this too.

Intercourse positions are greatly helpful in breaking the monotony of ones sexual life. While there is the traditional missionary pose where the man lies on top of the lady, there are several others like cowboy, doggy, reverse cowboy, etc to choose from. The list and the positions are both endless and one can try almost anything that they fancy.

Oral intercourse is used by many people in not only arousing their partner but also helping them climax. Women of course like it if attention is given to their breasts too and in most cases the men are more than happy to oblige. So use your mouth and tongue freely on any part of your partner’s body.

When choosing an intercourse position do keep in mind that there is no obligation to begin and end with the same pose. Surfing between positions has been known to work rather well for many couples and it helps add variety the act. So, while you begin with the doggy style, you could end up with the girl on top.

Many people like to use props to add to their sexual session and these can help stimulate your partner beyond imagination. It would not be wrong to state that there are several intercourse techniques and the best way to enjoy them all is to not restrict your self to any one posture only.

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